re•birth: a renewed existence, activity, or growth; renaissance; revival

Below is a view from the past, prior to complete renovation in 2007

NOTE: Click on an image below to view it larger


The renovations included asbestos removal, new electrical service run throughout building to replace the Knob and Tube system, smart wiring, severe termite damage repair, structural repair and reinforcement including support beams through cellar,  reconstruct northeast pilaster which was completely deteriorated due to termite damage leaving no support for corner, new heating and cooling systems Geothermal to replace fire tube boiler, Roof was repaired 4 times and completely stripped and replaced in  2013 revealing 5 layers of old roofing, chimney repair, plaster repair to walls which are original plaster and lathe with horse hair, painting entire building,  lead abatement repair and  resurface entire interior, 1900 hardwood Pine floors refinished and brought back to original luster, broken windows and glasses replaced on building with replicas of original windows, insulation throughout, fireplaces refinished and retrofitted, original shutters stripped and restored, nine piece custom cornice around exterior of house custom cut and restored to original appearance, and much, much more.

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